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The market trend is to be more and more minimal.

In the handles sector this is expressed by reducing the thicknesses
of covers and plaques.

has followed this trend and has created rosettes and escutcheons
with a height of 5 mm


and Dry Keep with a height of 6 mm


Shutter holder with little man.

The little man shutter stopper, made of high quality polymers, offers strength, durability and security for your windows.

Flat gasket or with head?

The flat gasket prevents friction scratches; the head gasket facilitates sliding and reduces holes that are too large.

Door Stop Pliers 253.

The 253 door stop pliers, made of technical polymers, guarantee a secure grip on light doors, ideal for campers, caravans and prefabricated buildings.

Oval niche.

Our 54x89 mm oval niche, made of high quality technical polymers, offers resistance, durability and aesthetic versatility with brass or thermoplastic screw covers.

Piraña door stopper.

The Pirana technopolymer doorstop offers chemical and atmospheric resistance, as well as more eco-sustainable production compared to traditional metal doorstops.

The āėɘvo handle.

The āėɘvo handle, developed with the Polytechnic University of Milan, requires less force to open, making a simple gesture even easier.

Reductions for square hole.

atp simplifies the adaptation of handles with thermoplastic reductions, avoiding complete changes, offering various and specific solutions for over 40 years.

The Dynamic rosette!

Our dynamic rosettes, with adjustable rack, offer quick assembly and are available in 4 or 8 click versions.

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