Sewing on the Tent!

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Sewing on the Tent!

atp offers a wide range of supplies for all types of customers, from the most passionate about innovative suspension systems to those who prefer more traditional solutions.

Designed specifically for those who don't like classic hooks, we have developed the Twist Sewing Slide, an innovative and practical product that will revolutionize the way of assembling curtains.

Our Twist Sewing Slide is incredibly simple to clip on and off at any point on the track, providing unmatched flexibility.

Its ease of sliding along the track allows for effortless operation, making it ideal for daily use.
Furthermore, thanks to its thin thickness, it is very easy to sew directly onto the curtain, integrating perfectly with the fabric without weighing it down.


With all these features, you will still wonder if it is worth continuing to use classic hooks.
Our answer is: once you try the Twist Sewing Slide, you'll never go back!

Discover the comfort and practicality of a product designed to simplify your life, always guaranteeing maximum quality and durability.
No matter what your need, ATP always has the perfect solution for you.

The Tendy Suspension.

The Tendy suspension protects your windows, guaranteeing drapes without drilling and uniform coverage, decorating your home without compromise.

String Tensioner Range.

The atp cord tensioner range offers specific solutions for every need, both aesthetic and functional, with numerous variations.

Asymmetrical Shower Ring.

The asymmetrical shower ring ensures a securely in place curtain, easy to install and durable.

Curtain Whip.

Our curtain puller, ideal for hook-and-loop curtains, offers convenience and functionality with high-quality materials and an ergonomic design.

Internal sheath for Rings.

Silent curtains? The inner sheath is the solution! Reduces friction and noise, ensuring smooth movement of the iron rings.

Ginevra Double Hook.

The Ginevra double hook, made of quality technical polymers, creates an elegant seamless Flemish effect, and is adjustable for perfect installation.

Safety Proboscis Hook.

atp features the safety proboscis hook, with a rounded and tapered design, ensuring it never comes unhooked.

Eco cord tensioner

Compact and innovative design, the eco cord tensioner allows you to tension both traditional cords and ball chains.

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