Moral Plastic

Autore: Benedetto Magri
Hallo allemaal, mijn naam is Benedetto, Ik ben een professionele fotograaf, Ik wijd mij aan het creëren van de blogartikelen die u leest. Digital Marketing @ atp di f. Garzoni

Moral Plastic

How many times have you heard the term ''plastic'' when talking about the environment?

How many times have you thought that
Is plastic one of the main enemies of our planet?

Plastic is a highly innovative material
to produce goods for common use.
It is light, it is clean, it performs multiple functions
also substitutes for metals and wood
and is environmentally sustainable if properly managed.

In the last few years,
for the environmental problems that have emerged,
plastics have received a bad reputation,
because being petroleum-based synthetic materials,
they are more difficult to dispose of.


Plastic is a very useful material that we use every day
and which we cannot do without,
so it is right that its production
is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Recycling is an important part of the proper disposal process
of plastic items.
Because of this,
atp, uses part of recycled plastic materials
to produce some of its products.

So, we can say that the problem is not plastic,
but the way in which it is used?

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