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Packing List!

At atp, we believe that order and efficiency are key to providing superior service to our customers.

To ensure that each shipment is managed flawlessly, we have developed a detailed packing list that contains all the information necessary to recognize each package and the goods it contains.

Our packing list is an essential tool to simplify and optimize the process of receiving and checking goods.
In it, you will find all the crucial information for precise and timely management of your orders.


In the list issued by atp, you can find:

- Number of packages: Each package is clearly numbered to facilitate identification and traceability.
- Dimensions of the pallets used: The exact dimensions of the pallets are specified to guarantee correct organization of the space in the warehouse and for logistics planning.
- Net and gross weight: We indicate both the net weight of the products and the gross weight including packaging, for accurate management of loads and storage capacities.
- Volume: The total volume of packages is reported to help you optimize the available space and better plan the arrangement of the goods.
- Customer code reference: Each shipment is accompanied by the reference customer code, facilitating the order verification and confirmation process.
- TARIC: The European Union Integrated Tariff Classification (TARIC) is included for correct management of customs operations and to ensure compliance with current regulations.

These details are essential not only to guarantee a perfect match between the order placed and the one received, but also to facilitate all subsequent operations, from quality control to inventory management.

The accuracy and transparency of our packing lists reflect our commitment to providing a high level of service, minimizing errors and improving operational efficiency.
We want our customers to be able to concentrate on their core activities, leaving the responsibility for precise and reliable logistics management to us.

For more information about our services, we invite you to visit our website or contact our team of experts.

We are always at your disposal via email to offer you the assistance you need and to answer all your questions.
With atp, order and efficiency are always guaranteed.

Testing in the molding section.

At atp, each item undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee measurements, resistance, color and aesthetics, ensuring maximum quality and reliability.

Legality Rating - AGCM

The legality rating promotes ethics and respect for the law, giving companies competitive advantages and a better reputation.

BAQ Label - Confindustria.

Also this year, atp received the BAQ label, rewarding the quality of the school-work alternation paths activated with local schools.

Sticky labels.

Adhesive labels with item design make it easier to find products, improving the efficiency of your warehouse.

Plastic is not Bad!

We use plastic consciously to create durable and functional products, improving our daily lives.

The importance of the product range!

atp's range of technical articles offers numerous variations and customized solutions, satisfying specific market needs.

Warsaw project.

On Tuesday 12 October, Katarzyna and Julia, design students, began a two-week internship at atp to immerse themselves in Made in Italy.

Barcode reading.

Our company uses barcode reading technology to ensure accurate shipments and fast, efficient deliveries.

Design and Innovation!

atp offers over a thousand items and creates tailor-made solutions, designing and printing customized items for every need.

Personalized Packaging.

atp offers customized packaging with QR code, images, logo and information, to simplify work with a quality service.

Business and Culture Award.

atp won the 1999 Business and Culture Award, preserving 13 ancient crafts for future generations.

Better to Abound than Deplete!

At atp, we always add an extra 1% of engineering polymers or an extra piece of metal parts to ensure nominal quantities.

The best advertising possible!

At atp, customer satisfaction is our priority; We offer free samples to test the quality of our products.

Online for more than 20 years!

In the early 2000s, atp launched its e-commerce website, offering products, technical drawings, 3D visualizations and free samples.

We've been covering those screws for 53 years!

In 1969, our metal cover concept revolutionized the industry by reducing costs and improving rosette installation.

The Blue that marries the Green

atp promotes renewable energy, reducing environmental impact and improving sustainability with high quality products.

Moral Plastic

Plastic, if well managed and recycled, can be sustainable and fundamental to our daily lives.

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